Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002

The Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002 is a pivotal piece of legislation in the United Kingdom’s real estate landscape, aiming to address issues surrounding leasehold tenure and introduce the concept of commonhold ownership. Here’s a detailed exploration of its key provisions and implications.

Introduction to the Act

Enacted to modernise and reform leasehold tenure, the Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002 introduced significant changes aimed at enhancing the rights of leaseholders and promoting the adoption of commonhold ownership, an alternative to traditional leasehold arrangements.

Key Provisions

  1. Right to Manage (RTM): The Act empowers leaseholders to take control of the management of their building through the Right to Manage (RTM) process. This allows leaseholders to form a management company and assume responsibility for services such as maintenance and repairs.
  2. Lease Extension: Leaseholders gained the right to extend their lease term by an additional 90 years under the Act, with ground rent reduced to zero. This provision aimed to provide leaseholders with greater security and flexibility regarding their property tenure.
  3. Collective Enfranchisement: The Act facilitates collective enfranchisement, enabling leaseholders within a building to join together and purchase the freehold of their property. This provision aims to empower leaseholders and promote greater control over their living environment.
  4. Introduction of Commonhold: One of the Act’s key innovations is the introduction of commonhold ownership, a form of property tenure where individuals own the freehold of their individual units within a multi-occupancy building jointly with other unit owners. Commonhold aims to provide a more equitable and sustainable alternative to leasehold tenure.


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Implications for Stakeholders

  • Leaseholders: The Act significantly enhances the rights and protections afforded to leaseholders, offering avenues for lease extension, collective ownership, and greater control over property management.
  • Landlords: Landlords are required to comply with the provisions of the Act, including granting lease extensions and facilitating collective enfranchisement where eligible leaseholders seek to exercise their rights.
  • Property Industry: The Act has far-reaching implications for the property industry, influencing property management practices, investment decisions, and the development of new residential schemes.

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The Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002 represents a landmark legislative initiative aimed at modernising leasehold tenure and introducing innovative alternatives such as commonhold ownership. By empowering leaseholders and promoting greater control over property ownership, the Act seeks to create a more equitable and sustainable housing landscape in the United Kingdom.

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Understanding Leasehold Extension Valuation

A leasehold extension essentially grants you the right to extend the lease term on your property. As your lease term decreases, the value of your property may diminish, making it crucial to extend the leasehold to maintain its worth.

Valuing a leasehold extension involves various factors, including the remaining lease term, property value, ground rent, and the discount rate used to calculate the lease premium. Additionally, any leasehold reforms or legislation in your region can impact the valuation process.

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Who Owns the Land Under a Flying Freehold?

The term “flying freehold” refers to a scenario in property law where a portion of one property extends over or under another adjoining property. This often prompts inquiries regarding the ownership of the land beneath the suspended portion.

Understanding the Flying Freehold

A flying freehold arises when a section of one property encroaches upon the airspace of an adjacent property or is supported by it. Despite its unconventional terminology, the legal implications are firmly rooted in practical considerations of property rights and responsibilities.

Who Owns the Land?

In cases of a flying freehold, the land underneath the overhanging portion typically remains the property of the owner of the originating property. However, this does not confer unrestricted access or control over the neighbouring property. Legal agreements, such as licences or leases, may be necessary to address issues of access, support, and maintenance.

Navigating Complexity

While the concept of a flying freehold may seem straightforward, its practical implications can be complex. Disputes may arise regarding maintenance obligations, access rights, and alterations to the flying portion, requiring legal resolution and clarification.

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