Leasehold Valuation Tribunal

It is the court that determines any disputes relating to residential property (such as non-agreement of lease extension premium).

There is no real difference. The tribunal deals only with residential property cases whereas courts deal with all other matters.

​Each party gets the opportunity to put their case forward why their figures should be adopted as opposed to the other side’s figures. Each party is usually represented by a barrister/solicitor and a surveyor. The panel of the Tribunal usually consists of 3 people – at least 1 legal and 1 property specialist.

Fill the application form via online website..

Visit the Leasehold Advisory Service for decisions of the First-tier Tribunal (Property Chamber) and the Leasehold Valuation Tribunal.

The initial application cost is only a couple of hundred pounds but the total cost of going to tribunal depends very much on the advisors used and also the complexity of the case.

Sometimes. it really depends upon whether the tribunal allows you to do so.

The Leasehold Valuation Tribunal has the power, in statutory lease extension cases, to decide the premium payable for the lease extension, if it has not been possible to reach an agreement. Only a small number of cases reach this stage, the majority are dealt with by negotiation. If you do have to apply to the tribunal, your solicitor and surveyor can deal with this. However, this is not covered by our original quote, and you will be charged separately for this stage. Your solicitor and surveyor will tell you at the outset what their rates for this work will be.

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