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Looking To Extend Your Lease or Freehold Enfranchisement?

Extending a lease or buying a freehold can be a daunting task. At Leasehold Valuations, we help you understand every detail about the process involved. We make sure that our clients get the best service and for that our lease extension specialists take every care to ensure our advice is clear and concise. Leasehold Valuations is passionate about offering professional, independent and cost-effective advisory services related to negotiation and lease extension valuations of residential leases or freehold purchases. Click here to know more……. Are you able to buy your freehold? Click here to know more……

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Our priority is customer satisfaction and thus, our all efforts lead towards efficient customer service. Moreover, our dynamic team of proficient experts aims at resolving customers’ queries, offering thorough survey reports that eventually give you peace of mind during the decision-making process. Just call us (01753 542984) contact us or fill the above mentioned enquiry form with your contact details and we will take care of the rest – from valuation of leasehold property, calculation of cost for lease extension to providing you a complete survey report.
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Using just three basic pieces of information, Our calculator will let you know what your lease extension will cost.

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Buy Your Freehold

Confused about leasehold property how to extend, or what rights you have? Our handy guides can help.

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Extend Your Lease

Thinking of extending your lease? We offer a range of expert advice and services at competitive prices for both Leaseholders and Landlords.

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We have served clients across Berkshire, Home Counties, London, Slough and surrounding areas..Over the last 15 years, we have served clients throughout England and helped them save thousands  when extending their leases  and purchasing their freehold. You can count on our proficient, skilled and certified experts.

We take pride in the fact  that our experts are all Chartered Surveyors and so regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS)..

RICS LOGO Black and White

Regulated by RICS

Extending your lease or purchasing the freehold usually results in increasing the value of your property also. We have helped hundreds of leaseholders increase the value of their properties and save thousands or pounds in the process.

Case Studies

St James House, London N5

Leaseholders in a block of 14 flats wanted to purchase their freehold. The landlord demanded £1.4 Million but we took the matter to Tribunal and managed to win the case and reduce the premium to £100,000 thereby saving the leaseholders approx. £1.3 Million

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