Celebrating Victories How We Helped Our Clients Save Big in Leasehold Matters- Part 3

Celebrating Victories: How We Helped Our Clients Save Big in Leasehold Matters- Part 3

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    At Leasehold Valuations, we measure our success by the substantial savings and favourable outcomes we achieve for our clients. Here are some remarkable success stories that highlight our ability to negotiate, litigate when necessary, and secure significant savings for leaseholders and freeholders alike.

    Case 1: Collective Freehold Purchase Savings

    Situation: Three leaseholders residing in a period of conversion were eager to purchase their freehold. The landlord initially demanded a substantial premium of £97,000.

    Our Solution: Advocating on behalf of the leaseholders, we embarked on negotiations. Drawing upon our extensive experience in freehold enfranchisement, we skillfully negotiated with the landlord. The outcome was a remarkable victory—a premium reduction from £97,000 to a mere £50,000. This collective saving amounted to £47,000 for the leaseholders.

    Case 2:  A Significant Reduction in Lease Extension Costs

    Situation: A 2-bedroom flat in a converted period building required a lease extension. The landlord initially sought a premium of £228,000.

    Our Solution: In this case, we took the matter to the Tribunal, leveraging our expertise in lease extension negotiations and property valuations. Through meticulous presentation and advocacy, we achieved a game-changing outcome. The premium was drastically reduced from £228,000 to a mere £11,750, resulting in enormous savings for the leaseholder.

    Case 3: Negotiating a Lower Lease Extension Premium

    Situation: A 2-bedroom flat located above shops on a bustling high street required a lease extension. The landlord initially demanded a premium of £70,000.

    Our Solution: Our skilled negotiation tactics came into play once again. We successfully negotiated a much lower premium, settling at £51,000. This achievement translated into substantial savings of £19,000 for the leaseholder.

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    Case 4: Triumph in the Face of a Daunting Freehold Purchase Demand

    Situation: Leaseholders in a block of 14 flats were determined to purchase their freehold. The landlord demanded an astronomical £1.4 million for the transaction.

    Our Solution: In this formidable challenge, we took the matter to the Tribunal, prepared to fight for our clients’ interests. Through tenacious representation and compelling arguments, we achieved a resounding victory. The Tribunal reduced the premium to a mere £100,000, saving the leaseholders approximately £1.3 million—a truly monumental success.

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    These success stories epitomise Leasehold Valuations’ unwavering commitment to securing the best outcomes for our clients. Our expert negotiation skills, willingness to litigate when necessary, and deep understanding of property transactions consistently lead to extraordinary savings and favourable results. Whether you’re seeking a freehold purchase, lease extension, or collective enfranchisement, you can rely on Leasehold Valuations to be your partner in achieving substantial savings and securing the best possible outcome for your property transaction needs.


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