Case Studies Part-1 Lease Extensions and Freehold Purchases

Case Studies Part-1 Lease Extensions and Freehold Purchases

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    At Leasehold Valuations, we take immense pride in our mission to empower leaseholders and freeholders alike in navigating the intricate world of leasehold and freehold enfranchisement. Our team of dedicated experts has a proven track record of achieving remarkable results for our clients. Let’s explore some real success stories that showcase the difference our expertise can make in property transactions.

    Case 1: Negotiating a Lease Extension

    Situation: A leaseholder approached us with a 2-bedroom ground-floor maisonette boasting only 62 years left on the lease. The landlord originally demanded an imposing £45,000 for the lease extension.

    Our Solution: Leveraging our extensive knowledge of lease extensions, we embarked on negotiations on behalf of the leaseholder. Our expertise in property valuations and negotiation tactics allowed us to secure a remarkable outcome—a substantial reduction in the price. The final agreement saw the cost reduced to a much more manageable £28,000, safeguarding the leaseholder’s property and saving them a significant sum.

    Case 2: Maximising Returns for the Freeholder

    Situation: Acting for the Freeholder of a highly sought-after 2-bedroom maisonette, a leaseholder served notice with a modest offer of £16,800 for the lease extension.

    Our Solution: In this scenario, we were entrusted with representing the Freeholder’s interests. Drawing upon our in-depth expertise, we meticulously assessed the property’s value and skillfully negotiated. The result was a substantial increase in the offer, securing an impressive £32,000 for the lease extension on behalf of the Freeholder.

    Case 3: Empowering Leaseholders to Purchase the Freehold

    Situation: Six leaseholders within a block of flats were eager to purchase the freehold. The landlord initially demanded a significant sum of £83,000 for the transaction.

    Our Solution: Advocating for the leaseholders, we took charge of negotiations with the landlord. Our expertise in freehold enfranchisement proved invaluable as we skillfully navigated the process. The outcome was a significant victory for the leaseholders, as the final agreement saw the cost of the freehold reduced to a mere £40,000. This not only empowered the leaseholders but also collectively saved them over £40,000.

    Case 4: Reducing the Cost of Freehold Purchase

    Situation: Two leaseholders of maisonettes were determined to purchase their freehold from the landlord, who initially sought £45,330 for the transaction.

    Our Solution: Stepping in to represent the leaseholders, we harnessed our expertise to ensure a fair and favourable deal. Our negotiation skills and our deep understanding of freehold valuations played a pivotal role. As a result, we achieved a significant reduction in cost, with the final agreement setting the price at a much more reasonable £22,600, effectively halving the expense and delivering substantial savings to the Leaseholders.

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    These success stories underscore the transformative impact of Leasehold Valuations’ expertise in property transactions. Our commitment to empowering our clients through comprehensive knowledge, skilful negotiation, and dedication to their interests consistently leads to remarkable outcomes. Whether you’re a leaseholder seeking a lease extension, a Freeholder maximising returns, or a group of leaseholders looking to purchase the freehold, our team is here to guide you through the process, ensuring the best possible results. Trust Leasehold Valuations to be your partner in achieving property transaction success.


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