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    One common question we get asked is what is my lease extension cost? how can I know that value? For that we added a tool to our website that allows you to get an idea as to the cost of your lease extension. To use our lease extension calculator simply fill out the required information and our easy to use calculator will produce an estimate and give an estimated value for your property.

    We have recently added a tool to our website that allows you to get an idea as to the cost of your lease extension. So it made sense for this information to be available to the public to use.

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    And another question we get asked is ‘how accurate is your estimate?’

    The answer to this is that the calculator is reasonably accurate, in so far that it is useful to obtain an initial estimate but it is still only a ball park figure. In order to gain an accurate figure we will need to undertake a details valuation.

    The calculation is only an estimate and doesn’t qualify as professional advice. The calculation doesn’t take into account future changing ground rents, specific details related to the property, specific issues relating to a location nor if there’s an intermediate lease involved.

    In addition to our free calculator ​Leasehold Valuations offers a range of leasehold and freehold valuation services and solutions to both Landlords and Leaseholders, depending on your requirements and objectives.

    How much will it cost you to extend your lease? Get an estimate using our lease extension calculator.

    The first step within the lease extension process ​is to have a valuation carried out to assess the likely premium payable. even if you choose to proceed with a voluntary lease extension we might advise you to still take valuation advice to make sure the premium your freeholder is voluntarily offering is a “good deal”.

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